Keeping Your Landscape as Beautiful as Nature Itself

Why Coastal?

In 2012, Owner/CEO Jack Lutzel began landscaping in high school. Starting with one mower and one line trimmer, Jack would ride the mower up and down the streets of his neighborhood servicing neighborhood friends and family with the help of a friend. Constantly growing his client portfolio month after month, Jack realized that this way of making a few bucks for the weekend, could turn into a real business, this was when he decided to invest fully into the business, forming Clean Cut Landscaping. Soon after, Jack purchased a 2005 Ford F150 and a 12 foot landscape trailer and began expanding from his neighborhood to all around town, growing into a top named landscaping company around town. Year after year, Clean Cut landscaping grew larger, providing lawn care and property enhancment services in southern Rhode Island and southeastern connecticut.

With Clean Cut Landscaping at its peak, growing from a neighborhood landscaping business to one of the top landscaping service companies in the area, Jack and the management team had decided to further expand services further than landscaping. Clean Cut Landscaping expanded their services into residential and commerical snow and ice management in 2013, with one of our first storms being Superstorm Nemo. Throughout the years, we grew our snow and ice management services and became a top performing provider for snow and ice management services. With the company thriving and growing, Clean Cut management team along with Jack, noticed that the full potential of our company was not being reached. We wanted to expand our services even further and become a true and bonfided facility management company servicing all aspects of a property. Through multiple board meetings and discussions between Jack and the team, we realized that the company needed an upgrade, an overhaul and a new and fresher look. An upgrade that would give us the capabilities to expand our company to the level we knew and wanted it to be. So we got it done!

In 2017, Clean Cut Landscaping was reborn and rebranded into Coastal Companies. With the rebrand came new opportunities for the company to expand the services we provide today. Since the rebrand Coastal Companies has gone from a small town landscaping company to a industry leading regional facility management company providing landscaping, snow and ice removal and management, and facility maintenance services throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. Our team is continuously grateful for our upbringing and exciting for the future. We will always maintain our small town roots and provide the best quality services to our clients!

Locally Owned and Operated

You won't have to deal with a big business, or sit on the phones waiting while hearing generic elevator music.

Quality Work

Coastal isn't new - we've been at this for over several years, creating some of the best landscapes and maintaining snow in a professional manner for RI and CT.

Licensed & Insured

A proper guarantee that Coastal will do an excellent job, with no risks on your part.

Meet The Team

Jack Lutzel

Jack started landscaping back in 2012 with his company previously named Clean Cut Landscaping. Through the years of hard work and dedication to building his company and client base, Jack has remained true to his number one goal for the company, to provide top tier facility management services to both his residential and commercial clients. In late 2017, Jack had a vision that would turn his small- town landscaping business into one of the top performing regional facility management companies servicing both residential and commercial property in Southern Rhode Island and Southeastern Connecticut, that vision was the rebranding from Clean Cut Landscaping to Coastal Companies. With the rebrand, Jack has now created a company that provides complete facility management services from landscaping to snow and ice management to all interior and exterior facility maintenance.

Dylan Paradis
Chief Operating Officer

Dylan started with the company back in its infancy in 2012 helping grow the company to what it is today and continuing to help it grow. Alongside Jack, Dylan has helped Coastal Companies LLC become a top facility management company in southern Rhode Island and southeastern Connecticut. Specializing in landscape construction, and hardscapes, along with Snow and Ice Management, Dylan has been in the facility management field for nearly 10 years.